electric car conversion kits for sale

checking out les puklowski electric conversions

first episode in the series karson visiting les puklowski an electric car expert and checking out les latest conversion of daewoo lanos and some more conversions.

pulling out the engine

pulling out the engine and all the rest of the unnecessary parts from the car.

installing the impulse9 electric motor motor and more

the netgain impulse 9  electric motor is connected to the gearbox with the adapter plate
kearon also talking about some more stuff like the brake vacuum pump,diy ceramic heater, battery pack cutoff switch and more.

electric motor mounts installation

making the electric motor mounts to support the impulse 9 electric motor.
kearon also talks about other parts like the pot box,the vacuum pump switch and some more tips.

driving les puklowski daewoo lanos

kearon driving les puklowski daewoo lanos from the first episode to get the filling how it's like to drive an all electric converted car.

thundersky lifepo4 batteries

a video about the thundersky lifepo4 batteries kearon uses in his electric car conversion.

cables,bonnet bits and cover plate

In this video kearon talk about the high-voltage cables, the dashboard bonnet bits, and the cover plate kearon mounting

electric conversion dodge neon video 1

first part of the dodge neon electric conversion videos intro on how to use coupler to connect the electric motor and the transmission

electric conversion dodge neon video 2

leveling the electric motor and the original transmission together and join them with a coupler.
the adaptor plate will hold them together.

electric conversion dodge neon video 3

setting the adaptor plate and taking a measurement for the holes for the bolts of the plate that will connect the electric motor with the transmission

electric conversion dodge neon video 4

cutting a big hole in the middle of the adaptor plate for the coupler to pass trough and connect the transmission with the electric motor

electric conversion dodge neon video 5

marking the holes for the electric motor mounting on the adapter plate.
the bolts will hold the base of the electric motor.

electric conversion dodge neon video 6

removing the original engine of the dodge neon and all of the unnecessary parts like the fuel and water cooling systems

electric conversion dodge neon video 7

mounting the electric motor with the transmission using lovejoy couplers and making a test run

electric conversion dodge neon video 11

discussion about mounting and charging batteries and the role of the controller in the electric car

donor car -video 1

in this video gav is towing his donor car for his diy ev conversion !
the car is a 1987 mitsubishi tredia with a seized engine.

taking the unnecessary parts out-video 2

taking the unnecessary parts out of the mitsubishi tredia.
parts like the gas tank,exhaust system,fuel lines,engine oil,carburetor,radiator....that will be no longer needed when the electric conversion is done.

painting the car-video 3

diy car painting for the rust holes of the 1987 mitsubishi tredia before the electric conversion starts.

cleaning car interior-video 4

cleanning up the mitsubishi tredia interior,the carpets and seats were very smelly.

clutch removal-video 5

removing the car's clutch
the clutch is not mandatory in electric vehicles as you generally drive around town in one gear all day.

some small jobs-video 8

 the last rust at the bottom of the passenger door have been fixed and put a new oil in the gearbox

pot box-video 9

installing pot box to the diy ev car,
the pot box works like a light dimmer switch.
the accelerator cable is attached to it and when you press the gas pedal it adjusts the amount of power the motor can receive.

electric motor installation-video 10

the advanced DC 9" Series Wound arrived,gav is getting married and afterwards the adaptor plate is created and the electric motor installation is starting.

EV battery racks-video 12

gav is installing the battery racks and makes some wiring work for the electric car.

electric car controller and control box installation-video 13

gav is making a diy control panel for the control box and the curtis 1231c controller and afterwards the controller and the control box is installed and gav's only left to wait for the batteries to arrive.

ev conversion batteries-video 14

gav is making the battery boxes and installs the hella endurant deep cycle batteries in the diy ev car.

battery cables and connectors-video 15

gav installs the battery cables and connectors in the car.
and now the diy ev is ready to go for the first test drive.

car charging system-video 17

gav is making a diy car charging system from 13 individual zivan ng3 battery charger.

electric car questions and answers-video 19

a frequently asked questions video were gav answering all of the common questions regarding electric car conversion.

1999 vw beetle already striped

Alan picked a 1999 vw beetle for this electric conversion and the car is already striped from the old engine and ready for the her new life.

cleaning and scrubbing

cleaning and scrubbing all the oil and grease that the fuel engine left

progress update

new cv axle installed and the transmission back to its place still waiting for the electric motor adapter.

clutch on electric motor

the clutch is connected to the electric motor and alan makes a run up to breaking the new brushes.

emergency pull and gauge pod

Alan shows the emergency pull he built to shut off the electricity in emergency situation alan also installed a gauge pod that shows the battery the amp meter and the vacuum pump